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 When Nothing Goes Quite Right

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Ying Fa

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PostSubject: When Nothing Goes Quite Right   2007-01-25, 11:00


Fandom: Yuugi-ou

Title: "When Nothing Goes Quite Right."

Rating: R for abusive relationships and molestation.

Pairings: Implied Jouyou, Kaijou and Bakuyou (JounouchixRyou, KaibaxJounouchi and BakuraxRyou)

Summary: Things have been going down hill for a while, so who's Jounouchi to turn to when things take a turn for the worst? And what if...they just seem to get worse? Kaijou Possession.


XxXJounouchi's POVXxX

You've come to me again...Me. Why me? I don't deserve you. I don't think anybody does. But then...a part of me is glad you're here...we can both be sad...Together. Maybe we could even comfort each other...What would you do if I held you? Would you shy away? Would you be angry? No, you're too beautiful to be angry. I couldn't do that to you. But then...why are you moving closer? Tears cloud your eyes as you reach out. I comply, bringing you into my arms without question. I don't care if we're in plain view of anyone who walks by. You need comfort as much as I do. Maybe for a different reason but...I wont don't need to be reminded. To my surprise, you speak first.

"H-He...he said I was horrible..." You say. I tilt your head up to look at me. Your eyes are so sad...The most beautiful emerald color I've ever seen...Just the look in your eyes tells me who told you this. I mean, who else could get you so worked up?

"Ryou, he calls you all sorts of things all the time...Don't tell me your starting to believe him now..." I say. My hand sifts upward along your spine and into your soft white tress. Another sob wracks your body and I hold you tighter.

"Not horrible like that...he-he said I was horrible like that." Oh Ryou...Now I know what you mean. That bastard actually said that? I smile lightly, trying to reassure you.

"Would you like me to prove him wrong?" I ask and a bright red blush appears across the bridge of your nose and cheeks. You smile and shake your head. I smile back, I'm glad I could cheer you up a bit...

"Jounouchi I...Ió" I place my fingers over your soft pink lips and shake my head.

"It's okay. You don't need to say anything. I'm here for you." I whisper. You smile and I feel my heart flutter. Gods this is so much better than when I'm with him...Finally...I'm the strong one...I'm the dominant...No more wise ass cracks about being no one's puppy. Finally I'm the one giving comfort...Not the other way around.

"Thank you." You whisper, the pink staining your cheeks is such a beautiful contrast to your beautifully snowy white hair... "I'm here for you, too, Jounouchi." You say it so tenderly, I know you mean it. Suddenly your face turns completely red as you glance away from me shyly. I cock my head to the side and push your head up to face me.

"What's wrong, Ryou?"

"That means a lot to me, I...I've always had a bit of a fetish for you, Jounouchi." This time it was me who blushed. Your soft British accent is like the most elegant of melodies to my ear...No doubt mine is trash to anyone else's. Just like he said.

"As I've had for you." I say. You blush farther and turn away.

"Bakura's gonna kill me..."

"No he won't. He has no power over you. Don't ever believe otherwise. No matter what he says to you...No matter how many times he puts you down...It isn't true, Ryou. You are a million times the person Bakura makes you out to me. I know it, because I know you. Ryou. Don't let him hold you down." You smile at me.

"I could say the same thing to you, Jounouchi. You and I both know Kaiba puts you down more than Bakura could ever me."

"But I can handle it." You shake your head at me.

"No you can't. You're human just as I am. No one should have to go though what you do." Gods Ryou...! In a swarm rush to my head I bent down, capturing your lips with mine. You let out a muffled 'huh', but it didn't get too far. You arch into my arms as we let our passion consume us.

XxXNormal POVXxXElsewhereXxX

Bakura's eyes snapped open when he felt Ryou's side of the link jump unexpectedly. It only ever did that when...when they were intimate...or if he was sexually satisfied. But...if he was here...and Ryou was obviously not here...Bakura's purple eyes became nearly black with rage. Whoever dared touch his hikari would soon be in a world of pain...Bakura was a bit confused by Ryou's emotions as they seeped through and onto his side of the link. This emotion he used to feel from Ryou but...He supposed it went away, whatever it was. But maybe...maybe Ryou was just suppressing it...All Bakura knew was that it was back and this time, it wasn't him causing it.

If he followed the energy from their link, he concluded he would end up somewhere in that park Ryou loved to go to. His anger grew and his attitude became sour. Black energy swarmed around him as he stomped through the streets. He rounded a corner to come into the park and there they were. Red rage shown below his eyes and on the bridge of his nose.

"Kisama!" Bakura cursed. "Let go of my Hikari you mangy mutt!" he screamed. Bakura's heart broke when he saw the beautiful blond boy hugging and kissing his Ryou. Jounouchi glared at the yami and held a frightened Ryou closer.

"Bug off you bastard! I'll hug him and touch him all I want. You can't stop me!" Jounouchi said, deadly serious. Bakura growled and raised his hand, ready to banish the blond to the shadow realm. Jounouchi's eyes widened and he turned around quickly, shielding Ryou from his yami's wrath. Ryou sobbed lightly, his arms tightening their hold around Jounouchi's back as he buried his head into the boy's shoulder.

"No! No! Don't hurt him!" Ryou yelled out desperately. Bakura smirked and began to invoke the energy of the Sennen Ring. He stopped, realizing he couldn't. He scoffed and searched his mind. He couldn't find his shadow powers anywhere! Ryou...must have been blocking him from doing so. He growled and stalked angrily away. If he couldn't get Jounouchi to stop...he knew he could. An evil smirk played upon his lips as he made his way down the street. A sure intent on reaching the Kaiba mansion.

Bakura banged his fist on the door, his anger growing again.

"Open up moneybags! Open the Ra-damned door!" the spiky haired yami screamed. Said door flew open seconds later, revealing a very pissed off Kaiba Seto.

"What the fuck do you want?! I'm in a bad mood so this better not take too long." Kaiba growled out. Bakura smirked at the brunet's predicament.

"What'ja do? Wake up alone?" he sneered. Kaiba ground his teeth together and nearly glowered above him. Bakura smirked farther, realizing he'd hit it straight on the button. His features suddenly became darker, more anger beginning to flow through his veins. "Would you like to know where your precious koinu is?" Bakura sneered at him, he loathe having to have someone's help...but...He needed them apart, and now. Kaiba's eyes widened slightly before they grew dark. That mutt better not be doing something behind his back...

"Where is he? What is he doing?!" Kaiba's voice rang out. A small spark of panic could be heard in his voice and his eyes flashed with an emotion Bakura never thought he'd see on Kaiba's face. Bakura turned around, he knew what Kaiba was feeling...if he ever lost Ryou to another...

"Follow me." He instructed.


"Dear gods...I wont let him hurt you, Jou..." Ryou sobbed. Jounouchi held him close and rubbed his back tenderly.

"Ryou, don't worry. I can take care of myself." He assured. Ryou looked up into Jounouchi's amber eyes, his own emerald eyes sparkling with tears.

"No Jounouchi! He'll be back! I don't want you to be hurt! H-He'll come back and he'll hurt you! Jounouchi, I know my yami...He'll do everything he can to get you away!" Ryou pleaded. He didn't quite know what he was pleading for...All he knew was that Jounouchi had to be safe.

"I wont leave you, Ryou. I wont leave you alone with him. Not with everything he calls you. Not with the way he treats you...You're strong, Ryou! Fight back!" Jounouchi said, smiling. Ryou smiled as well.

"I don't love you." He announced. Jounouchi didn't even flinch.

"I don't love you either." He insured.

"I could never love you." Ryou said.

"And I couldn't you." Ryou looked away, new tears forming in his eyes.

"I love Bakura." He said, voice cracking. "No matter what he does...I'll always love him...with all my heart." Ryou pledged. Jounouchi nodded.

"You shouldn't have to deal with that." He said, hugging the albino closer. Ryou rested his head on Jounouchi's shoulder, burying his hands in soft blond locks.

"Neither should you." Ryou whispered. "If I can fight back, so can you. They'll listen if they really love us like we love them."

"Bakura might. You two share a mind. You know he loves you. I know he loves you. I can see it in his eyes. He calls you names...puts you down because he's afraid. Afraid of the emotion he feels. Unlike Kaiba. He has no heart." Ryou didn't answer. He couldn't reply with what Jounouchi had said to assure him...because he was right. Nobody thought Kaiba ever loved Jounouchi...but Jounouchi had loved him more than anything...everything. This was how he repaid him for his love. Ryou sighed, no, it really wasn't fair. None of this was fair. Love shouldn't be so heartbreaking. It should never be. "He doesn't care."

"Maybe I would care more if I didn't have to constantly baby sit you!" Kaiba's cruel voice broke the serene state of mind brutally as he grabbed Jounouchi harshly by the upper arms. He ripped him out of Ryou's grasp, pulling him against his own chest roughly. Jounouchi's eyes widened as he was thrown about. His back connected with Kaiba's chest and his eyes widened farther. This was not good. If he was subdued because of his own out of control lover...Who would protect Ryou from his? Ryou's arms were outstretched, shock clearly plastered onto his face as Jounouchi struggled to get out of Kaiba's grasp. Jounouchi's eyes narrowed as Bakura slinked up behind Ryou. He jabbed Kaiba in the side with his elbow and he was nearly free. His hand shot out to grab Ryou's just as Kaiba yanked him back.

"No! You sick bastard! Let me go!" Jounouchi screamed, his eyes blurring with unshed tears as he yet again tried to reach out to his white haired tenshi. Ryou reached back, his own emerald orbs glazed over and sparkling. He took a step toward Jounouchi's hand but froze when he felt his yami wrap an arm around his waist. He stilled immediately, his hand falling down to his side. Bakura grinned evilly, loving how easily the boy submitted. Jounouchi's eyes and cries became desperate at the look on Ryou's face. His hand reached farther, just barely brushing the boy's cheek before he was pulled away and pushed up against Kaiba's chest.

"You bitch and moan about me not caring about you, well how could I?! You're annoying, stubborn, selfish and treacherous! Maybe I'd care more if I weren't forced to constantly watch you! To be constantly unaware at when or how you would deceive me next! You can't get away, you made a commitment! Don't think you can just sleep with anyone you want while you're with me!" Kaiba demanded. Jounouchi cried out as Kaiba pinned his arms behind his back, twisting them into an odd position, his muscles straining tightly. He struggled still, every movement sending a sharp pain throughout his body. His amber eyes softened and blurred again. He didn't want to be the weak one...he wanted to show Kaiba he could get the best of him...just once...just once.

"I don't sleep around! But gods you wonder why I go to Ryou! You wonder why? You should know! You want to know why? You want to know why I cry, why I'm sad?" Jounouchi slumped against Kaiba's chest and arms, defeated. "Everyday I wonder when I'm going to see you...I wonder if you're ever going to smile...touch me and kiss me the way you used to...I wonder if you're going to come home every night...I wonder if you're okay...I wonder if you'll ever tell me you love me and mean it! I wonder if I'll ever see you again when you don't come home after a show up as if you were never gone...I wonder if you care at all about me...I wonder when you'll realize how much I care about you...I wonder if you're worth the pain you bring, and even though I knew you used to've changed. And now I'm wondering why...I don't want to wonder, Kaiba! I want to know! I don't want to wake up alone, I wont want to wonder if you're alright and if you're ever coming back...I want to wake up beside you and know you're alright, know you'll come back to me when you leave...It kills me not to know...K-Kaiba..." This was it...this was the end. Jounouchi didn't dare look up at his lover's face. He didn't need to see him to know he was beyond angry. Jounouchi took one look at Ryou and knew he was worth it. Ryou would always be worth it. Jounouchi's eyes blurred once again and he resumed his struggling, he felt Kaiba's arms tighten. No...he wouldn't give up this easily.

*cont, soon.....^^*
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PostSubject: Re: When Nothing Goes Quite Right   2007-02-07, 11:32


I Love this. I can't say anything except that, it left me speechless. I hope you continue/Continued this because it piqued my interests.
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Ying Fa

Number of posts : 1959
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PostSubject: Re: When Nothing Goes Quite Right   2007-02-07, 18:52

Naw, actually, i thought of a sequel a very long time ago, but i've since lost my interest. I'm glad you liked it though^^

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PostSubject: Re: When Nothing Goes Quite Right   

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When Nothing Goes Quite Right
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