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 Ode to a hedgehog

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PostSubject: Ode to a hedgehog   2007-01-23, 06:38

Ode to a hedgehog

Alas, the day is at an end,
another fat man’s plot ruined,
another robot for him to mend.
Time to go home,
you run at the speed of light,
but in your path,
stands a red nemesis, hungry for a fight.
“Sonic!” he yells,
“I challenge you to a competition of might!”
“Not now Knuckles,” you yell,
“It wouldn’t be fair, you’re not too bright.”
You dash past him,
leaving him coughing. eating your dust.
You think about your beloved Princess Sally,
man, she has a nice bust.
The trapdoor to your secret hideout is in sight,
you race towards it with all your might.
A pull of a vine swings the tree stump open,
with a jump, bounce, and a leap,
you land in your home.
Your orange dual tailed friend greets you with a smile,
“Hey Sonic, was Robotnic worth the while?”
“No Tails,” you answer,
“He had challenged me with yet another lame trial.”
You make way for the fridge, to grab some grub,
when your friend follows you to your destination,
“What’d he try this time, Sonic? Another attempt at an Emerald powered laser-beam?”
“Or another evil duplication?”
“Leave me alone Tails,” you wail at the fox,
“Can’t you see I’m trying to get something to eat?”
“But Sonic, I made you dinner. It’s your favorite treat.”
“What is it, Tails? A burger? A pizza?”
Your friend points to the dinner table, and what you see makes your heart fill with joy.
“Tails! You shouldn’t have!” you dash to the table in a hurry,
you arrive in front of a plate with a chilidog, extra onions,
and a bowl full of curry.
“Thanks Tails, you’re the best.”
After you eat, you bid goodnight to all your friends,
and hop into bed, for a nice long rest.

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Ode to a hedgehog
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