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 The Death of Love

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PostSubject: The Death of Love   2007-01-23, 06:37

The Death of Love
By Mike Deller

On the floor I sit
Looking up at you,
I flinch
It hurts inside,
To know that there is something
I can never feel again.
Below you, I canít feel youíre love,
I canít fell youíre warmth
Iím so cold inside
I just want to hide
That smile,
It makes me feel hated
Like some doll,
Just to be played with,
Then thrown away after its use is fulfilled.
The view from below,
Makes time pass so slow
My heart stops
I look up and see you
I remember the warmth
I remember the feel
Those beautiful eyes,
Giving me hope,
That dark hair, soft to my touch,
I loved you so much.
I took your heart from your sleeve,
And put it where it belonged inside of you.
I look up now and see you,
And I try to reach you,
But you are too far away,
So here I stay.

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The Death of Love
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