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 X: After the Revolution (Introduction)

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PostSubject: X: After the Revolution (Introduction)   2007-05-10, 07:14

(This is an XMen RP I'm starting. Non-XMen fans and non-serious RPers have no place here. Kthxbi.)

It has been four years since the death of Charles Xavier. The men and women of the Xavier institute tried their best to hold the school together through the times of trouble, but Charles's influence was the spine of their ties. With him gone, several of the high-power mutants left to persue their own way in life. Some stayed together as the Xmen, but the numbers are dwindling. Wolverine an Colossus have disappeared, and most of the students have left the school to go back to their families in a world where mutants are more accepted. There will always be hatred of those who are different; in some opinions, superior. But there will as well be those to stand up to hatred. The world has changed since the final bout at Alcatraz Island, and more mutants than ever are seemingly coming out of the walls with little oppression.
With so many mutants gone on their own, it is no wonder that the world should see groups forming, the powered humans who've found a family within their species. The Brotherhood is stronger than ever, taking in several mutants at a time for training under a mysterious new leader that shows charisma and effective recruiting tactics, but has yet to show his powers to the world. The question is: Are you destined for the Brotherhood's ranks? Or do you find yourself more drawn to the remnants of Xavier's crew? Perhaps you are a human, fighting back against the inevitable with what resources you can pull together to diminish the mutant threat. Or maybe you've found yourself taken in by a growing mutant gang, fighting for survival and a place among the new world order.

(This is an intro, not the beginning of the RP. Post your character first in the Designation thread. To start an RP, make a new topic with the title "X: ____________", with your setting in the blank. Or join into an RP by posting in someone else's topic. Any new topics should leave plenty of space (prompting, even) for other people to join in.)
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X: After the Revolution (Introduction)
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