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 Untitled (but its crazy, so read it anyways XD)

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Ying Fa

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PostSubject: Untitled (but its crazy, so read it anyways XD)   2007-03-01, 20:32

I seriously wrote this while i was going crazy. O.o Please review ^-^


Stop it.
Stop itStopIT!
I sit still. Very still. Noises echo all around me. Bumps. Bangs. Men talking brashly, women through their noses.
My eyes are wide, darting to the shadows that pass.
Shh! What was that?
I open my eyes wider, even though it seems almost impossibly bright in the room.
A thump and a crash from above. I flinch and jaunting laughter follows.
Stop! Whatíre you doing?! Turning on the TV?
No! You canít do that! Turn it off!
Thank you.
I donít like this.
Empty space.
Vibrating with noise.
Colours swirling around.
Furniture moving-sliding away and into another place.
I jump around, expecting to see something-someone-
My cat hisses at me and I wince.
Shh! Be quiet!
I looked to the ceiling. The noise was getting louder.
Louder Stronger Sharper
Youíre looking crazed.
What?! I am not!
ÖWho said that?
Me. You think the ceiling is falling.
But it is falling! Canít you see it? Itís thumping and growing!
Crashes! I canít stand it!
I cover my ears and curl into a fetal position.
This isnít happening.
But it is. The shadows are smiling.
Theyíre welcoming you.
No. No theyíre not.
I donít like this!
The TV is on.
I told you to turn it off!
Please! Turn it off!
The shadows are smiling for you.
Calling us. Wanting us.
The door is throbbing. The floor is mumbling.
And the noise is getting louder.
Everythingís closing in.
The furniture.
The walls.
Until I stop and smile.
Then I begin to laugh.
My own noise echoes off the walls and back to me.
And I canít stop.
Youíre crazed, you know.

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Untitled (but its crazy, so read it anyways XD)
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