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 Ooo... That sucks!

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Monty Mime

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PostSubject: Ooo... That sucks!   2007-02-23, 16:42

Dwar Ev stepped out to the podium. He looked out at the sea of faces. Military personnel, reporters, nameless civilians. He tapped the mike and got everyone's attention.
"Good people! You've gathered here to see my wondrous creation! I have created, along with my colleague, Dwar Glo, a computer that knows everything!"
The crowd cheered. Dwar Ev gestured to his assistant, Dwar Glo, to unveil the machine.
"Behold! The Super Computer!!"
The sheet fell from the massive computer. The faces in the audience-- In awe, of this gigantic computer. Dwar Glo flipped the power switchand the machine hummed to life.
"I shall now ask this machine a question. One that everyone has sought the answer to." Dwar Ev turned to the machine. "Computer. Is there a God?"
Without a relapse within itself, the computer replied.
"Yes! Now there is a god!"
Dwar Glo's face paled. He ran to turn off the computer, but a bolt of lightning struck the switch, fusing it to the "on" position.
The world knew darkness from then on.

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PostSubject: Re: Ooo... That sucks!   2007-03-12, 14:46



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PostSubject: Re: Ooo... That sucks!   2007-03-21, 08:54

whoops on thier part, lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Ooo... That sucks!   

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Ooo... That sucks!
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